Let’s Energize Our Waste


At Highwood Organics Processing, we are transforming our community’s waste challenges into critical renewable energy. Our facilities are designed and operated to fully serve the communities they are in by diverting waste from landfills, processing it, and returning energy and fertilizer back to all of us.

Our first facility, located in Aldersyde, Alberta, is currently under construction and expected to be open in the spring of 2022.  Stay tuned for updates on our other projects and locations in Western Canada.

Our Services

Organics Processing

Our integrated composting and digestion facilities brings critical organics processing capacity to the Calgary and Foothills regions of Southern Alberta.  Without us, organic waste is being landfilled or is travelling 150 – 350 km one way to disposal.

Renewable Energy

Our facilities take a growing waste challenge and create Renewable Natural Gas. At one keystone facility we will produce enough for 3,500 homes to heat themselves through the Canadian seasons.

Sustainable FERTILIZER

After biogas production, the material is blended into compost and returned to the soil or bagged and delivered to customers.  These valuable nutrients are the most sustainable sources of fertilizer possible.

How Does it Work?

Our facilities are built by studying the systems that work in the background of our communities.  With our fully integrated Waste 1st BioEnergy facilities we can receive organic waste material (food scraps) and turn it into gas and fertilizer.  This means that we can heat our homes with gas from food scraps, while returning the nitrogen and phosphorous back to the soil to grow more food.

Check out the diagram below to trace how material and energy moves through our facility and the environment!

Where Are We At?


Aldersyde Land Purchase

Purchased 45 acres of Industrial Land in Aldersyde, Alberta.  Conducted site assessments and geotechnical work.


Permitting & Construction of Aldersyde BioEnergy Facility Phase 1 – Compost

Received full municipal approval for Aldersyde development.  Construction of compost facility imminent with operations expected to start in early of 2022.


Permitting & Construction of Aldersyde BioEnergy Facility Phase 2 – Digestion

Phase 2 of the Aldersyde facility will expand organics processing capacity and build the critical biogas producing digesters.

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Our Team

Highwoods’ experienced leadership team have delivered over $300M in successful projects together on a global scale.  We have delivered projects in China, Iraq, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, Philippines, USA, and of course Canada.  Our company now has 5 active projects in Western Canada.

Gaetan Gobeil, P.Eng

John Markiw, P.Eng

John Crandlemire, P.Eng

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